Occupational Medicine in California

Using innovative technology and the latest techniques to keep your team fit and healthy.

Maintain a Healthy Workplace

We offer advanced industrial care and occupational medicine for companies in Contra County, Alameda County, and Northern California.

We understand the importance of employing a healthy team and making sure they stay that way. We also realize your company is busy and needs a healthcare partner who is flexible and shares your goals.

For over 20 years, we have been trusted to care for thousands of employees due to our dedication to meeting the needs of small and large businesses. Over this time, we have continued to develop our systems and techniques so we can provide a high standard in the following services:

  • Pre-employment Health Checks
  • Annual Physicals
  • Drug Screening and Exams
  • Injury Recovery
  • And more….
See our services below to discover how we can bring efficiency and reliability to caring for your team.
Dr. Von Stieff our chief physician at Occupational medicine in California

Pre-employment Health Checks

Making sure your new staff are fit for their role. Click on each image to learn more.

Drug Screening
This service is provided with full discretion and privacy in mind. These simple tests consist of the patient providing us with the following samples:

  • Urine
  • Hair
  • Blood
  • DOT
  • Non-DOT

Each sample is expertly evaluated and tested by our medical professionals.

Breath Alcohol Testing
At Advanced Industrial Care and American Industrial Care, we understand the importance of accuracy in testing, especially for drugs or alcohol. Therefore, we offer DOT-approved alcohol testing utilizing a federally approved breath alcohol device (CMI).

We take the complication out of alcohol testing so you can meet the required regulations and successfully test your workers.

A hearing test performed by our healthcare professionals helps to determine whether or not a patient is suffering from hearing loss. The results from the hearing test are displayed in the form of an audiogram and will be discreetly shared with your office.
Pulmonary Function Testing / Respiratory Fit Testing
We provide complete Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant pulmonary function testing/respiratory fit testing so that your employee is fully protected from exposure to hazardous dust, liquid, gas, and/or fumes at the workplace.
Occupational Blood Work
Blood testing is a simple and reliable way to tell if workers are overexposed to lead, zinc, aluminum, or benzene. This is an important test for those working in the construction industry, especially painters or refinery workers. (Other panels available upon request)
Self-pay Physician Requested Lab Testing
Blood tests allow our doctors to see a detailed analysis of any disease markers, nutrients, and waste products in your blood, as well as how various organs (e.g. kidneys and liver) are functioning.

We use a number of common tests, including:

  • Metabolic Panel
  • Lipid Panel
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Thyroid & Testosterone

Annual Physicals & Tests

Keeping your team healthy, year after year.

Our consultation room and nurse providing occupational medicine in California
The health of your team not only satisfies government regulations, but also helps with productivity and employee contentment. We take this very seriously, which is why we offer annual exams and physicals to ensure your team is fit and ready to work.

Here are the exams we offer:

Hazmat: A full physical exam including blood work, urinalysis, pulmonary function testing, vision check, and audio testing.

Basic/crane: Simple physical exam including vision and urinalysis and any corresponding paperwork needed.

DOT: Physical exam including vision and urinalysis targeted for those who hold a commercial driver’s license.

Endurance: Physical exam that includes exercises to ensure you are healthy and fit enough for a physically demanding job setting.

Asbestos: Simple physical exam including vision, urinalysis, and a pulmonary function test, as well as a chest x-ray with optional b-reader, to ensure asbestos levels are being monitored.

Each test is performed by our fully-trained team using the latest technologies and techniques.

"We partnered with Advanced Industrial Care over 25 years ago and credit Dr. Fred Von Stieff and his staff for the success of our “Return to Work” program that we have."

– John Butcher (Safety Director, Certified Coating Company)

Got an Injury at Work?

We can help get you back to feeling 100%!

Worker’s Compensation Injuries

Initial evaluation and treatment of occupational injury and/or illness that includes referrals to specialists, if needed. We follow the injury until you are back to full working capacity with monthly visits, unless otherwise specified.

It is our primary aim to get you fit and well in the shortest possible timeframe, however, we pride ourselves on being thorough. This means we want your recovery to be sustainable and long-lasting, so we don’t rush you back, but make sure you are ready.

Return to Work Clearances

After our skilled and caring team has guided you back to health, you have a final checkup from our physicians to make sure you are at full capacity and can perform your regular work duties.

These tests and results are passed on to your company who will then be able to assess if you are ready to work. Our team keeps an open line of communication with you throughout the entire process and works diligently to care for your needs.

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