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Your number one choice for pre-employment health checks, drug screening, and annual physicals in California.

Reliable, Flexible Service

Creating partnerships built on trust and predictability.

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Open Communication

We strive to develop personal relationships through clear and concise two-way communication. This extends to how we report results back to you as an employer. Everything is provided in a simple and clear format for your convenience.

24 Hour System

We make it our goal to be as flexible and available for you as possible. Therefore, we offer a 24-hour system in which you can contact our team and arrange appointments at times suitable for you.
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One Stop Shop

Experience faster and more convenient service in an office that provides a comprehensive approach to occupational medicine and industrial care. We have everything your team needs to stay healthy and recover from work-based injuries.

Your Dedicated and Personable Team

Over 20 years caring for U.S. workers and companies.

Physicals in California
We are truly committed to the health and wellness of every patient we see and try our best to make them feel as though they are part of our family. To us, a patient is not just a number, but someone who has been entrusted to our care.

When your company and our staff work together, we become a team sharing the same goals of keeping your employees fit and healthy. We will always look out for the best interests of our clients while developing a close and ongoing working relationship.

"In my experience the physicians and Healthcare Professionals of the Von Stieff Medical Group are absolutely the very best, at what they do."

– Steve Humphrey (Senior HSE Manager, Golden State Warrior’s Arena)

Looking Out for Your Best Interests

Through providing first-class customer service and quality health care.

Comfortable Office

Our quaint office and personable staff provide our patients and clients with a warm, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere.

Modern Technology

Each test or treatment is performed using innovative equipment.

Full Range of Services

We can cater to all your occupational medicine needs.

Access to Service

Through our variety of financial options and flexible approach, we make it easy for you to check the health of your team.

100% Commitment

We are devoted to giving you the best and most convenient service possible.

Precise & Accurate

The results we produce are reliable and clear.

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